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Important Links

Michigan W.A.R.D.

State Director:

Gordon Ireland

Email: gireland@prodigy.net


PO Box 181088
Utica, MI 48318
Phone 810-997-9619
Fax 810-323-8918
State Secretary: Ruby Mann


Address 224 W Wilkins St
Jackson MI 49203
Phone 517 937 0492


National W.A.R.D.

Witches Against Religious Discrimination
44 Walnut Street
Great Falls, SC 29055
877.367.8481 - Toll Free
803.482.6450 - Voice
803.482.6475 - Fax

Alternative Religions Educational Network

Listings and Resources to aid in the ongoing fight for Equality and Fair Administration of our First Ammendment Rights.

ACLU of Michigan Web Site: http://www.aclumich.org Contact Information Executive Director: Kary Moss, Esq. 1249 Washington Blvd., Suite 2910 Detroit, MI 48226-1822 Phone: (313) 961-4662

Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network- Welcome to Earth Religions Assistance. We hope that you will decide to get involved with our efforts to support the religious freedom of Earth Religionists in legal situations around North America.


American Communication Association
See collection of links under Freedom of Religion
The Interfaith Alliance
Monthly online magazine and news of Interfaith coalitions combating the Radical Religious RIght.
Interfaith Working Group
A Philadelphia area Interfaith group dedicated to bringing varied religious views on social issues before the public.
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Information on religious topics promoting tolerance and exposing misinformation.
Religious Freedom Page
A non-denominational page sponsored by the Christian Scientists. Information on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and other resources.
Laws which Protect our Religious Rights
Excerpts from the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights, the US, Canadian and Mexican constitutions; US case law excerpts.

Earth Religions/Pagan/Wiccan

Topic Specific Webpages for Finding Help
Concerning religious discrimination and associated legal problems.
Australian Religious Rights
Info on religious rights laws of Australia, both at a State and Federal level.
The CUUPS Web Site.
CUUPS is the Covenant of Unitarian-Universalist Pagans.
Covenant of the Goddess
An international organization of cooperating, autonomous Wiccan congregations and solo practitioners.
This site hosts the list archive for, FIRE, a list for the discussion of and action around media portrayals of non-mainstream religions, particularly Paganism. They also offer links and information on Paganism and Wicca.
Lady Liberty League
A special network within Circle Network provides a national and global referral and information exchange network of Pagan religious freedom activists.
National Pagans in Action Council of Truth (P.A.C.T) Website
Information on PACT and links to PACT state organizations.
Silver Threads Activists Page
State-by-state links to activist Pagans/Wiccan organizations.
The Witches' League for Public Awareness
The League is an educational network dedicated to correcting misinformation about Witches and Witchcraft.
Witches Voice: A News and Education Network
A proactive educational network dedicated to correcting misinformation about Witches and Witchcraft.
Heathens Against Hate
Banner campaign and information on Asatru/Heathenism correcting misinformation, esp. about racist attitudes.


Anti-Defamation League
Their mission is "to stop the defamation of the Jewish people, to secure justice and fair treatment to all citizens alike." ADL press releases, newsletter, report summaries, etc. are available.
Christian Legal Society
An evangelical Christian legal advocacy organization which reflects that community's defense of religious rights.
Liberty Counsel
An evangelical Christian nonprofit civil liberties education and legal defense organization established to preserve religious freedom. Anti-gay, mostly seems to be about allowing Christian practices in schools and elsewhere.

Church/State Separation and First Amendment Groups

Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Since 1947 AU has promoted the principle of church-state separation as an essential constitutional guarantee of religious liberty.
Freedom Forum's Religion page
Information on the fight for religious liberty - news articles, opinion and recent cases.
Separation of Church and State
Three individuals maintain this great resource for church state separation issues.

Social Justice sites

ACLU Freedom Network
Information on and from the ACLU, including news releases, legislative materials and more. Or go directly to ACLU page on.
Center for Democracy and Technology
The Center's mission is to develop and advocate public policies that advance constitutional civil liberties and democratic values in new computer and communications technologies.
Electronic Frontier Foundation
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) was founded to ensure that the principles embodied in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are protected as new communications technologies emerge.
The Human Rights Campaign
US Political activist group lobbies Congress, provides campaign support, and educates the public to secure equal rights for lesbian and gay Americans.

Combatting Religious bigotry

Fighting the Radical Religious Right
A comprehensive page of links for activists and pointers to religious right sites.
How to Win
A Practical Guide to Defeating the Religious Right. A book by Radical Right Task Force.
Women Leaders Online
WLO is an organization dedicated to stopping the Radical Right agenda.

Individual Church or Denomination/Tradition sites

Church of the Iron Oak
Iron Oak is fighting a legal battle to allow home worship.
Universal Life Church
Information on the ULC. To obtain ULC Ordination info

Other Sites of Possible Interest

Religious and Multifaith pointers
Religious pointers for many faiths from Asatru to Zoroastrianism.
Armed Forces Chaplain's Manual
Offers a precis of many religions. There is an entry on Wicca (the address for Pagans in the Military is out of date) and on Gardnerian Wicca.
Military Pagan Network
MPN provides documentation, contacts, and regulations as support for Pagans, Neo-pagans, and occultist active duty, reserve, and National Guard, who feel that they are being discriminated against. The M.P.N. is not a legal service and does not provide legal advice. However, the M.P.N. will provide military and government agencies information pertaining to the religious rights of Neo-Pagans.
Native American Religious Freedom
Links regarding SB 1021 and other Native Peoples freedom issues.